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Mayday brings together all the functionalities that allow for optimal knowledge management and boost the efficiency of customer service advisers.

Knowledge architecture

Structure your knowledge optimally thanks to our 2 dedicated formats. Articles, to have all the information on a subject (text, images, videos, GIFs, documents, etc.). Interactive decision trees, to guide agents in solving complex questions.

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Instant Import of Existing Knowledge

Do you have existing knowledge or processes (documents, FAQ, Wiki, etc.) that you would like to retrieve? Good news, you don't have to rebuild anything, importing them into Mayday is child's play.

Content obsolescence alerts

Obsolescence is the scourge of all knowledge bases. Put an end to it with Mayday and keep the knowledge always exhaustive. Set obsolescence alerts and check dates. Mayday alerts you as soon as your contents are obsolete so you can update them.

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Mayday Analytics Suite

Mayday dashboards allow you to control the use of your knowledge base. This way, you benefit from a precise analysis in real time of the searches carried out, the performance of your content, but also the activity of each advisor. Mayday gives you all the keys to analyse the performance of your support.

Dynamic Knowledge

Mayday allows you to connect your knowledge base to your internal tools (Back Office, ERP, etc.). Bring dynamic information back to your knowledge base or allow your agents to trigger back office actions clicking in Mayday.

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Seamless integrations to your favorite tools

Don't let your advisers waste time searching for knowledge, let knowledge come to them. The strength of Mayday is that it integrates directly into the advisor's workspace to deliver knowledge to the right place at the right time. Mayday connects in 2 clicks to all the tools on the market (CRM, Ticketing, Telephony, Chat) and allows advisors to be guided during each interaction.

Intelligent and dynamic search

Offer a unique research experience to your teams. Instantaneity, correction of spelling mistakes or memorization of frequent searches are all strengths of the Mayday search engine integrated into your production tools. Searching for knowledge becomes a pleasure for consultants.

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Automations and AI

Knowledge that finds you ! Mayday business rules and algorithms proactively suggest the right content to advisors in real time based on each interaction and attributes from the CRM.

Real-time notifications and alerts

Mayday simplifies communication with your teams. Whether they are in-house, outsourced or teleworking, Mayday allows you to notify your teams in real time of changes in procedures, news and operational events impacting the advisors' discourse. Via a notification thread and information banners, ensure that your messages are taken into account by the teams and control the reading of each notification.

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Agent feedbacks

With Mayday, give the councillors the floor. Each advisor can comment on each content and make suggestions for improving the knowledge base. Detect incomplete or missing processes through feedback from the field.

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