The knowledge base for skyrocketing startups

Build a learning culture and capitalize on your knowledge from the very beginning. Mayday to create, centralize and deliver knowledge in all your tools. Quickly board new recruits and boost your growing customer service performance.

The reference Knowledge Base software

10 000+ agents find the right information at the right time every day with Mayday.

⏱ Productivity

● Reduction of ticket resolution time
● Reduction of information search time
● Reduction of customer standby time
● Reduction of post-resolution processing time

✨ Quality

● Improving answers quality

Rate reduction of ● recontact
● Increasing customer satisfaction
● Increase loyalty and referral

📚 Training

● Optimized process structuration
● Accelerating onboarding and training
● Maximizing counsellor autonomy
● Increase employee satisfaction

Mayday integrates directly into your tools.

No more tedious and time-consuming back and forth between the different tabs! All the information you need to solve a ticket directly in the advisor window.

All your knowledge gathered and organized

Mayday offers you two knowledge sharing formats, articles and decision trees! Your processes are now simplified, gathered in one place and serving the customer experience!

A collaborative tool that empowers your agents

Mayday offers collaborative editing but also communication functionalities. Notifications allow supervisors to inform agents and feedbacks allow agents to give feedback to managers on missing or incomplete procedures!

Artificial intelligence at the bedside of advisors

Our AI algorithms allow us to continuously improve the productivity of consultants by proactively suggesting the right process or procedure to solve each ticket!

Ready to unleash the potential of your knowledge?

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Mayday, the knowledge base you've been waiting for

  • 1 click installation
  • Express migration of your existing knowledge
  • Integrated directly into your favorite tools
  • visible performance results from the first month
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"Mayday is simple, complete and intuitive! Our team's productivity significantly increased (+46%)"
Nicolas Thouvenin
, Operations Team Leader & International Rollout Manager
Mayday - Customer Story Luko
Mayday is a great tool to achieve having really strong teams and a product with a lot more self serve!
Marc-Antoine Demorel
Customer Relationship Manager @Luko
Mayday is simple, complete and intuitive! Our employees immediately handled the tool and it allowed us to quickly and significantly boost our customer service level and optimized communication with our providers.
Nicolas Thouvenin
Operations Team Leader & International Rollout Manager @Hiflow